Brand Story

Beauty in the details

Hidy Ng started her journey as a fashion visionary working alongside colour chemists. In her formative years, she learned the importance of hue and how even neutral and monochrome shades offer infinite possibilities.

Like a painter with a signature palette, she created depth, interest and dimension through texture, honing her skills as a knitwear designer. These experiences influenced her early talent for muted, sophisticated tones—one of her enduring trademarks today.

Hidy’s design philosophy blurs the boundaries between fashion and art with a repertoire that showcases her imagination. With high-fashion gowns, one-of-a-kind accessories, effortlessly wearable everyday essentials and intricately crafted shawls—she gracefully greets every design challenge with passion and vision.

Inspired by soft-to-the-touch fabrics, including cashmere, superfine merino and the finest French lace, Hidy reimagines luxury textiles in unique avant-garde and feminine silhouettes. Delicate details, impeccable tailoring and handmade embellishments are beautifully layered together, transforming every design into an artistic masterpiece that tells a story as unique as the person who wears it.

The first ready-to-wear collection from Hidy’s namesake brand, HIDY N.G., launched to critical acclaim in New York in 2003, followed by the debut of her accessories collection during Paris Fashion Week in 2010.

Today, Hidy’s free-spirited character shines through every collection—inspiring people around the world to write their own style stories.